Madden 17 prediction was almost accurate in the Super Bowl LI

A few days ago we presented the official EA simulation for what would be the Super Bowl LI in Madden 17. Well, much to the surprise of those, that prediction of the game was very correct, even under the conditions in which the Patriots managed to give the Return to an unfavorable marker to obtain its fifth championship of the hand of Tom Brady.

Although the final score of the Super Sunday match was 34-28 and the simulation had been 27-24, the Pats had to come from behind in the final moments of the game with a remarkable historical participation of their quarterback. In addition, just as in the simulation of EA, Julian Edelman was the most prominent receivers of the party.

As if that were not enough, EA’s prediction was also successful in awarding the MVP (most valuable player) to quarterback Tom Brady, a fact with which this veteran player ended up becoming, for many, the best quarterback in the history of The Super Bowls.

Here we leave you the official simulation of EA to compare the similarities and differences with the real party.

If the return to school sounds, for many, the end of farniente and the burning sun, it is also the period that hosts the most sports simulations. Like every year, Electronic Arts puts its NFL championship back into play and is set to re-emerge again with a myriad of unprecedented adjustments and options. And for this cuvĂ©e, the American giant did not do things by halves. Optimization of the physics of the ball, improvement of collisions, offensive and defensive phases, impact of the personality of the team on the matches … everything was boosted to immerse fully in the heart of the franchise! If the most grumpy regret the absence of competition, it must be admitted that it has the interest of being damn strong to come to destabilize such an opponent. Let the show begin!


It is no secret that American football, the number one national sport in the United States, does not enjoy the same popularity in Europe. Despite this, many players want to be interested but it can not be said that the discipline is very accessible. It is a very strategic sport, using a lot of tactical patterns, and understanding all the facets of the rules of the game is a perilous exercise. In recent years, the Madden Mobile Hack series has tried to lure the novices but never really succeed. Aware of this gap, developers have looked at this thorny issue for this new episode and the result is very convincing.


In Rookie mode, the game adapts to your level, integrating a multitude of aids to help you position, receive the ball, manage your defense, etc. If these options are, of course, deactivable, they allow beginners to have fun almost instantaneously and this is undoubtedly one of the highlights of this iteration. Moreover, there is a tutorial (very well tied and pushed) which allows to understand all the cogs of the gameplay. In this sense, novices can take pleasure without the experienced players being impacted and this balance is really appreciated.

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