Snapchat launched the app lifestage

SNAPCHAT has to appoint a team to monitor news and debunk responsible deliberately false information on social networks. In the context of concerns arising in public about the increased number of false information distributed online, editor, James Harding, I informed his team that the SNAPCHAT will play a role in combating the lies, distortions and exaggerations of social media.

“SNAPCHAT may edit what appears on the internet, but we can not sit aside. We will check what will become viral on Facebook,  and other social networks. We work with people at Facebook, in particular, to see how can we be as effective. where we see stories tepid false, deliberately presented as “news”, we publish a “reality check” that will prove otherwise, that will be more than a public service. we become very popular. We aim to be the formula used formats – online, TV and radio, “said James Harding, cited by thought.

The team from the snapchat spy, who will coordinate this initiative, will focus on content that is visibly manufactured with the intent to mislead the public that was produced by a press agency known for the quality of information promoted.

Decision to combat false news comes at a sensitive context in which a lot of debate about the veracity of the information circulating online. The emphasis that the SNAPCHAT wants to put in combating false information distributed on social networks, is part of a wider approach by British television station to “slow down” the achievement of journalistic to call more on analysis and expertise.

In this regard, Harding said that the station was choked news worldwide in 2016 because he lives “in a period of instability.” “We have to explain and what leads to news. We need more depth in their treatment – data, investigations, analyzes, surveys – to better explain the world we live in.”

To compete Snapchat app, which is used by many young people, Facebook launched lifestage, a program that allows teenagers make a kind of video diary by posting short videos as responses to questions about their biography.

The application was made by Michael Sayman, 19, project manager for the Facebook portal TechCrunch explained that he wanted to make an early version replica of network Facebook was restricted to teenagers. To play almost similar lifestage period has age restriction, users who have 22 years or more will only be able to see a user’s profile and the application will not be able to communicate with other users.


Michael Sayman hopes lifestage application’s popularity to grow through its use especially in American high schools. Lifestage allows the user to select high school learners, but will not be able to see what users are online only when at least 20 teenagers studying in that school using the app. application portal writes that appeared due to obsession that Facebook has for Snapchat platform that is extremely popular among young people. This month, , all owned by Facebook,  launched service to compete Snapchat Stories Stories. Previously, Facebook had launched several applications, such as Slingshot, Riff, Poke, tocami to reduce user base for Snapchat, but without success.

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